Our Story

We believe in creating a world where everyone can share chocolate.

HEY THERE! We’re Kat & Gerrit, bffs for over 12 years with a shared passion for food, fun and outright ridiculousness.

Gerrit is a red seal chef with over 10 years experience in the culinary industry. You may have indulged in his gastro-creations if you ever dined at Raw Bar or Foreign Concept. Originally hailing from Germany, this creative European's innovative ingredient experiments coupled with a family peanut allergy (and my lactose intolerance - you're welcome) led to the creation of all of our special Dwarf Star recipes.

The other half of the biz is the voice behind most of our online and digital content. My name is Kathryn and I have a background in business and marketing. I am also an expert chocolate eater. No seriously, consider yourself lucky if you had the chance to get your hands on some of our products before I ate them. 

We opened shop in Calgary, Alberta Canada toward the end of March in 2018. Since then we have been working hard and growing quite quickly selling mostly in retailers in Alberta, with a few in BC and Ontario. (Find a full list here.) A lot of people ask where the business name came from so, get your coconut milk & cookies ready and let me tell you a story...

"Dwarf Stars Originals" was our first product line which consisted of chocolate and pumpkin seed butter coated chickpeas that accidentally happened to turn out like little space rocks. Instead of letting Gerrit make them look, "perfect" as his Red Seal nature desired, we began to brainstorm astrological terms and stumbled across Dwarf Stars (wine helped 🍷). These are stars that don't look exactly like the other stars, or shine as bright, but still in their own right are classified as stars. The really cool thing is that Dwarf Stars can actually be incredibly powerful when pairs of them coalesce (or come together) - they can even create a supernova or large stellar explosion!


We loved this metaphor that reached beyond our quirky friendship, beautifully capturing the brand messaging, heart and soul behind our new endeavour. This message is more important today, than ever in our crazy world - that no matter what the outside looks like, what truly matters is on the inside. We believe in creating a world where everyone can share chocolate.