Spanish (Vegan) Hot Chocolate

After living in Australia for a few years and travelling to Spain, one of my favourite treats quickly became Spanish Hot Chocolate. This warm, creamy, decadent beverage is literally a drinking chocolate (usually coupled with churros), that I have yet been able to find in Calgary.

Because all of our products are allergy-friendly, we have decided to bring you recipes of our favourite treats starting with a dairy-free Spanish Hot Chocolate topped with an incredible homemade vegan fluff. This is going to be your new fav hot drink all fall and winter long! 

We are a small Calgary-based business and know all-too-well the hustle and grind that comes with the title. We make it a point of sourcing other local products when possible to support our fellow entrepreneurs and recently stumbled across Kakow's Cocoa Powder by Delicacies Valley.

Behind this brand is a beautiful Venezuelan couple who source their cocoa from their neighbours back in Venezuela. (Fun Fact: This is also where we source the high-quality dark chocolate and cocoa butter that goes in to all of our products). We used this rich cocoa powder to complete the recipe below.

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We love how fast and delicious this recipe is, not to mention how amazing it is that you can create whipcream from aguafaba! Who knew chickpeas could get even cooler.

When temperatures begin to dip, share this hot drink and a pack of our Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups with your special plus one.

What's your favourite fall beverage? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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