Mini (Vegan) Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, we can't resist getting excited about all the beautiful and colourful things that start to pop up when Spring arrives - not to mention all of the Easter-fied treats in stores! However, if you have any of the top food allergies (dairy, nut, gluten) or intolerances, this time of year can be a bit of a nightmare. 

That's why we decided to share two decadent, Easter-inspired treats that will make you forget about the big-box store snack aisle, and go running to some awesome local biz'.

We literally squealed with glee when we found 8 Cakes's vegan macarons. They are located in Marda Loop and make the most beautiful baked desserts for every occasion. Serene is the owner of this magnificent bakery and her eye for detail is unmatched. I mean, like look...

Photo Credit: 8 Cakes

Black Sesame Matcha Cake (Photo Credit: 8 Cakes)

I know right!? Anyways, we love us a bite-sized nom nom (mostly because we can trick ourselves into thinking we haven't eaten THAT MANY) and decided to reinvent the classic ice cream sandwich by remixing 8 Cake's Vegan Macarons with another Calgary fav, Fiasco Gelato!

YAS QUEEN they make vegan options too!!!

SO! We squeezed their Dairy-Free Creamy Coconut Sorbetto in between two dreamy pastel macaron halves - talk about a match made in heaven. Warning: drool-worthy photos ahead.

These will literally be a show stopper if you're doing any entertaining this Spring. Stop by 8 Cakes and grab some macarons and be sure to check out Fiasco's brand new spring line of gelato at the super cool Factory/Coffee Bar!

Stay tuned for our second Easter dessert - watch us present it Wednesday morning at 8:15 am on CTV Morning Live! And you can review the blog post here for all our tips and tricks after our segment airs.

(Allergy Note: this dessert is only dairy-free and vegan)


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