Dwarf Stars Chocolate Easter Eggs: The Best of the Best of Vegan Chocolates

Everyone should be able to enjoy the goodness and deliciousness of chocolate. While chocolates aren’t exactly the healthiest of snacks out there, everything is fine in moderation, right?

Is there a way to keep on eating chocolate guilt-free that can still be healthy for our bodies? Boy, do we have good news for you!

Introducing Dwarf Stars Chocolate Easter Eggs, the best vegan chocolate on the market today! 

Whether you have dairy intolerances or practice a fully vegan diet, vegan chocolates are your best bet. Dwarf Stars’ chocolate will not only take the guilt out of eating it but also does not compromise on taste. Let’s get to know more about it, just in time for Easter!

Why Go for Vegan Chocolate?

Technically, all chocolates are vegan since they are plant-based food with cacao beans taken from cacao trees. But, in the process of making most chocolates that are available to us, animal by-products such as milk are mixed with the ingredients so it loses its vegan quality. 

So, for chocolate to be vegan, you need to be mindful of not just its ingredients but how it’s made. Chocolates can have a few ingredients mixed in with them, after all. 

What’s all the fuzz with these vegan chocolates? Are they worth it? Do they taste good? What are the benefits of vegan chocolate apart from the fact that they adhere to the strict diet of vegans?

That means that vegan chocolates are not only healthier for our bodies (as antioxidants are front liners to our body’s fight against free radicals) but they also make us happy. They can also be very tasty.

What Makes a Vegan Chocolate Good?

If you really want to try out the best vegan chocolates then look for the ones that have the highest cocoa percentage. As mentioned, go for the ones with 70% cocoa content. 

You also have to consider how the chocolates are prepared, so do a little bit of research about the manufacturer. Company integrity is also important. We only use ethically sourced cocoa ingredients and are working on getting our fair trade certification.You also know a vegan chocolate is top-notch if it's allergen-free. 

Let’s Get To Know Dwarf Stars Chocolate Easter Eggs

Dwarf Stars Chocolate Easter Eggs will not only liven up your Easter but at the same time provide a guilt-free snack for everyone to enjoy. And by everyone, we do mean kids and adults alike. 

The white chocolates come in strawberry and creme flavor, filled with a delicious creamy organic pumpkin seed butter. These easter egg goodies are perfect for those who do not necessarily adore the taste of dark chocolate, which can sometimes be a bit intimidating. 

The chocolates are also riddled with plant-based coloring and are completely handmade. They are top 11 allergen-free (Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Peanut-free, Tree-nut free, Soy-free) and come with no artificial emulsifiers, preservatives, or palm oil. All cocoa is ethically sourced, so you can enjoy your Easter treat with peace of mind.

A guilt-free snack with low sugar content but has got a lot of good unsaturated fats, fiber, and protein while being completely 100% vegan — what’s not to like? 

Start getting excited for Easter early. Get your hands on these eggs while stocks last!

Your Ultimate Easter Treat

In spite of all the good things that we’ve illustrated about our Dwarf Stars Easter Egg chocolates, the main reason we think they’re one of the best on the market today, aside from their taste, is because they are ethically sourced. 

The chocolates are limited edition and will not be available for you all year round!

Final Thoughts

All that talk about vegan chocolate has got our mouths watering and our tummies rumbling. So, wait no longer and grab a bunch of these Dwarf Stars Chocolate Easter Eggs to celebrate the Easter festivities with a bang!

Trust us, the bunnies will thank you for it. Vegan, guilt-free, and allergen-free chocolate that everyone can enjoy. You couldn’t ask for more! Treat your family and friends, or even yourself. Let the Easter fun begin!

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