AquaFABA-LOUS Marshmallow Fluff

Okay, we only came across this recently, but it absolutely BLEW OUR MINDS.

We are obviously huge fan of chickpeas, I mean, we used dry roasted ones in our Dwarf Stars Originals. But did you know that instead of ditching the juice from a can of chickpeas (AKA aquafaba), you can actually use to to make a fluffy marshmallow treat to top your cocoa or make vegan meringues? IIIII KNOW. Plus, it's super fun to pretend to be boujee and say, "Aquafaaaaaaba, darling"!

Here is how you make your very own vegan Aquafaba Marshmallow Fluff:

And VOILA! If this doesn't make you believe in magic, I don't know what will. Pipe some of the whip on to a baking sheet and bake at around 250 degrees and you will have some beautiful vegan meringues for a quick and classy dessert. SAH FANCY!

Let us know any other desserts you've made out of aquafaba or added this fluff to in the comments below!

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