9 Mistakes People Make on the Keto Diet (How Many Of Them Are You Making Right Now?)

About as quickly as we opened shop (about 2.5 years ago now), we had customers asking for sugar free chocolate options. Whether they were diabetic, looking to reduce added sugar in their diet or were pursuing a keto lifestyle, they were seeking a delicious, satiating treat that didn't make them feel guilty. We decided to take the plunge into the sugar free world and created a line of sugar free pumpkin seed butter cups. We now sell a few flavours of ketogenic products including Dark Chocolate, "Milk" Chocolate and Stawberries & Creme, that have quickly become our top sellers.


So What is the Keto Diet?

The ketogenic diet or "keto diet" for short, is a dietary lifestyle where the dieter consumes mostly fats, moderate protein and minimal carbohydrates. In doing so the fats that we consume are transported to the liver, which are used as our primary fuel source for sustained energy.

The word ketogenic is comes from the scientific term of “ketosis” which refers to the state of the body being glucose depleted and in turn produces ketones that act as an great source of energy for both the body and the brain. This offers a whole host of health benefits and has become a popular method of weight loss as it can happen in a short period of time.


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As with any new lifestyle change, there is a period of adjustment. A lot of people ask, "Why am I not losing weight on Keto?". The more you know, the less likely you are to get derailed by these common pitfalls. Here are a list of the most common keto diet mistakes new dieters make:


1. Eating Too Many Carbs

There is never a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to something as complex as the human body. You can follow loose guidelines however it's always best to test it out for your body. We are all different heights, shapes and sizes with differing energy demands and metabolisms.

Most keto dieters go for under 20 grams of carbs per day to get into optimal ketosis. Some need to stay under 20 g while others can increase their intake. Using urine or blood testing strips is particularly helpful in the beginning to see if there are ketones being released in your system and you are in ketosis.


Here is what a typical Keto Diet looks like in terms of macros:

Keto Macro Chart - 75% Fats. 20% Protein, 5% Carbs

This simply means 75% of your diet should consist of eating healthy fats, 20% of high quality proteins and only 5% of carbs. There are a ton of amazing apps like My Fitness Pal that can help you track your daily macros.


2. Not Eating Enough Fats/ Eating Too Much Protein

Remember: the keto diet is all about protein moderation and increasing fat intake. However, if you engage in high intensity exercise or endurance exercise, you may require more. If you're finding it hard to consume enough fats to meet your macros, try adding in fats throughout the day for example, coconut oil in dishes, MCT oil to coffee or avocado in salads. You may even want to scale back on exercise as you adapt to your new keto lifestyle. It's taxing on the body to switch over from carb burning to fat burning, so if you feel like moving, opt for light exercise like a walk or yoga.


3. Impatience

As you adopt a keto diet, you need patience to take the time for your body to get into ketosis and adapt to ketosis. Understand that previously, your body’s main source of energy was carbs; now, it has to change gears and adapt to a completely new source of energy, fats. The body requires time to do this and every body is different. While some may switch into fat burning right away, it can take time for others. Trust the process and use tools like keto strips to test your progress.


4. Obsessing Over The Scale

The number on your weigh scale should not determine your keto diet success. Our weight can fluctuate 5-10 lbs throughout the day! Ditch the scale and focus on the positive life changes and health improvements you are making. If you want a physical measurement, the change in your body composition is a much stronger metric. Start by measuring and recording the size of the main areas of your body (waist, hips, arms, neck, thighs, calves, bust) with a measuring tape and schedule check-ins in your phone once a month. Watch this very entertaining video where a nurse practitioner demonstrates how our fat cells are like water balloons to get some context: Why the Scales are not your Friend on Ketogenic/Low Carb Diets


5. Dieting In Isolation

We're social creatures that thrive in community. If no one around you wants to do it, join an online community like a Keto Facebook Group to keep you motivated and feeling supported. If you live in Calgary there are robust Facebook groups that are supportive, helpful and interactive. Check out CNF's Keto Klub and Keto Calgary. They provide a wealth of knowledge plus tried and true keto products you can find in retailers. Relax and find ways to enjoy adapting and experimenting with your new diet and find others that share your new lifestyle that you can share similar interests with.


7. Eating Processed Keto Foods

No matter what diet you undertake, if you don't eat whole, natural foods, you will not achieve greater health. When you are on a keto diet, always think about it this way: the intention is to eat natural ingredients and not foods that are highly processed with ingredients your body doesn't recognize. It's okay to eat these on occasion, particularly having on hand when you are in a rush for a quick snack. The idea is for a large portion of your diet (we are talking about 70-80% of your entire diet) to come from natural sources.


8. Looking For A Quick Fix

A lot of us crave losing those extra pounds fast but fail to realize that it is a lifelong change needed in order to sustain the weight loss. The Keto diet is a lifestyle change as opposed to a short-term diet plan. Because you can eat high fat foods, it can be incredibly satiating and rewarding if you give it a chance. Dropping a few pounds and then expecting to fall back into old high carb eating habits will not only be a waste of time, but the rebound effect and weight gain can be worse.


9. Not Going All In

The keto diet will not work unless you adopt the principles completely. Swinging between old diet habits and keto will get you nowhere fast. Decide on what you really want and think about your "Why". Write down everything you will gain by adopting the keto diet to keep you motivated. Create a plan for eating out and strategies to deploy when others close to you may comment on your new lifestyle. Unfortunately any kind of change can be perceived as a threat to others.


Other than rapid fat loss, the keto diet offers many health benefits. With a variety of foods to choose from, you can easily get into the Keto Lifestyle in an easy and painless manner. If you're looking for a keto approved treat to ease the transition, we offer Sugar Free Keto Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups that are only 2g net carbs per pack. Shop our keto products or learn more by downloading our FREE Insider Keto Diet Secrets guide here

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