5 Best Sugar Free Treats You Can Eat on Keto (& are Local!)

You'd be surprised at how many local businesses are making incredible products in our city let alone keto desserts to buy. Whether you're dipping your toes in the ketogenic pool or you're living a full keto lifestyle, from time to time we all enjoy a treat - and even better if it can keep us in ketosis. Here's a list of the best and most delicious keto treats from Calgary and surrounds that you can grab to curb your sweet tooth.


Keto Dessert - Cafe Wisk Leanbacks

Cafe Wisk's Leanbacks

Craving: Cream-filled donut or pastry

Opt for: Leanbacks

Sweetener: Erythritol

The Skinny: Fat: 27 g // Protein: 2.2 g - 2.5 g // Net Carbs: 1.3 g - 3.5 g (per leanback)


Cafe Wisk is Canada's FIRST keto restaurant right here in our very own city owned and operated by veterans. All of their menu items are 5 g net carbs or less and drool-worthy dishes full of protein, fats and flavour. Their one-of-a-kind lean backs are NO exception - an almond flour shell exploding with a sugar-free buttercream filling that will have you leaning back and say "Mmmmmmm!". Of course, that's how they got their name! These keto chocolate desserts are a must try. They come in 6 mouth watering flavours including our favourite Lemon-aide and The C.O. They are available online or in their cafe for pick-up (9 am - 5 pm).

Shop here: https://leanbacks.com/


Keto Chocolate Toffee Brittle - Sweet Smith Candy Co


Sweet Smith Candy Co.'s Sugar Free Chocolate Toffee

Craving: Crunchy Sweet Toffee or an Almond Brittle

Opt for: Sugar Free (Keto) Sea Salt Chocolate Toffee

Sweetener: Isomalt

The Skinny: Fat: 15 g // Protein: 0 g // Net Carbs: 5 g (per 50 g serving)


Sweet Smith Candy Co. is a female led business offering handmade treats out of Strathmore, Alberta. They have a variety of four delicious keto dessert flavours as well as vegan and allergy friendly options. For instance the Sugar Free Chocolate Toffee is gluten free, egg free and vegetarian however does contain dairy, butter and non-GMO soy. This chocolate bar in particular is keto friendly, diabetic friendly and celiac safe. Coming in at only 5 net carbs per 50 g bar, they recommend eating up to half of that a day (25 g), due to the sweetener isomalt, particularly if you're not used to eating it. You can find them in retailers or online.

 Shop here: https://sweetsmithcandyco.com/products/low-sugar-english-toffee



Keto Collagen Truffle Bites - Goodness Me

Goodness Me's Chocolate Truffle Bites

Craving: Chocolate Truffles

Opt for: Almond Fudge Truffle Bites

Sweetener: Xylitol

The Skinny: Fat: 7 g // Protein: 4 g // Net Carbs: 2 g (per 1 truffle)


Vivian, the Founder of Goodness Me believes "satisfying a sweet tooth should be guilt-free" - and we couldn't agree more. They offer four different keto protein and collagen truffles as well as two keto vegan flavours. The vegan truffle bites contain rich coconut milk, coconut oil and a fermented plant-based protein blend while the non-vegan flavours contain whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed bovine collagen. All of Goodness Me's truffles are sweetened with xylitol (pets beware!). A great treat option if you're looking for a punch of protein for your mid-day snack. You can find them in retailers or online.


Keto Ice Cream - Keto Skream

Keto Skream's Ice Cream

Craving: Ice Cream

Opt for: Keto Skream in Chocolate or Vanilla

Sweetener: Erythritol and Stevia

The Skinny: Fat: 7 g // Protein: 4 g // Net Carbs: 2 g (per 1/2 cup)


Do you remember the guy who strapped hundreds of helium balloons to a lawn chair and flew over Stampede? Neither. But he's back with an incredible keto ice cream line in vanilla and chocolate flavours. With only 2 net carbs per serving and no added sugar, we all have been screaming for this kind of ice cream. Use this keto ice cream to make your favourite keto sundae dessert or dollop beside a delicious keto chocolate cake. With summer approaching, don't feel like you have to miss out - stick to your way of eating and still get to enjoy cold and creamy keto desserts. Just an allergy note, it does contain dairy, egg and whey. You can find them in retailers across Canada in the freezer section or online.

 Shop here: www.ketoskream.com



Keto Sugar Free Stevia Kombucha Soda - Wild Tea Kombucha

Wild Tea Kombucha's Low Sugar Kombucha Soda

Craving: Coca-Cola or Pop

Opt for: Low Sugar Kombucha Soda

Sweetener: Stevia

The Skinny: Fat: 0 g // Protein: 0 g // Net Carbs: 5 g (per can)


Get your daily kombucha now in a guilt-free soda! Wild Tea Kombucha is an all-female driven business offering a variety of flavours including their four low sugar kombucha soda lines in our favourite pop flavours - Cola, Rootbeer, Cream Soda and Orange Pop. Drink them as a refreshing thirst quencher on a hot day or use them as a low sugar soda in your mixed drinks. Summertime and patio beverages go hand-in-hand so stick to hard liquor & WTK's sodas, and you'll be drinking keto friendly. Or, why not combine them with Keto Skream for an almost sugar free Rootbeer Keto Float! For an increased health boost they also add superfood enhancers like elderberry, ginseng, schisandra and ginger. You can find them in retailers across Canada and online.


Keto Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups - Dwarf Stars

Dwarf Stars Sugar Free Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups

Craving: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Opt for: Sugar Free Milk Chocolate // Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups

Sweetener: Erythritol

The Skinny: Fat: 12 g // Protein: 3 g // Net Carbs: 2 g (per pack of 2)


Probably the most delicious and satiating healthy chocolate you will ever taste, you know we can't leave out our sugar free keto line of chocolate pumpkin seed butter cups. Naturally chock-full of healthy omega fats our pumpkin seed butter cups are a keto dieter's dream. What other chocolate bar will you find protein and fibre servings with such little amount of carbs? Not only are our cups delicious and keto, they are of course vegan, diabetic friendly and free of the top 8 (United States) and top 10 (Canada) food allergens. Coined as the healthy chocolate company, we have been told by customers we make the best sugar free chocolate. We have also recently collaborated with 8Cakes and Baked Brands to bring you Keto Comfort Boxes which feature 2 other delicious keto chocolate desserts you can try all in one order (with free shipping!). Our products are available in retailers across Canada as well as online (+ we ship to the U.S!).


Are there any of your favourite Keto treats we missed? Tell us about it in the comments.



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