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Meet the Co-Founders!

“First time my nephew had a PEANUT-FREE butter cup. He loved it! Thank you Dwarf Stars!” 

Leah S., Dwarf Stars Customer and Mom of Two

"I love Dwarf Stars! Their Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Cups helped me lose over 65 lbs!"

Shannon. L., Dwarf Stars Customer & Keto All Star

“HOLY CRAP those are UNBELIEVABLE. Both my partner and I are blown away.” 

Vince G., Dwarf Stars Customer

"BEST. CHOCOLATE. EVER. I absolutely loved everything I ordered and would hands down order again."

Janet M., Dwarf Stars Customer

"Super Impressed. As a food allergy family with very limited options I was excited to see these. I brought them home to my kids and they loved them. They're delicious and a perfect little treat. Just made an order to try all of their products - my kids can't wait!"

Taralynn M., Dwarf Stars Customer & Mama Bear

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