Crunchy, creamy and oh so dreamy!

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I couldn't believe these were dairy free and nut free! The creaminess of the pumpkin seed butter and quality of vegan chocolate tasted like I was eating a peanut butter cup!

Sharron D.

My son and I have a severe peanut allergy and have to avoid a lot the mainstream treats and desserts. The cruchiness and richness of Dwarf Stars made me feel like we weren't missing out anymore! Finally!!! And my son loved the sparkle!

Kathrin J.

Ahhh a chocolate covered with glitter!? What more could you ask for??

Mila R.

I love entertaining guests and setting up special treats in dishes. These little balls are lightly coated with a copper shimmer dust that look so elegant and are a definite crowd pleaser.

Marilyn K.